Meet Sankofa & Stacey of Universal Sankofa who lives an NCMPRBL life.


NCMPRBL: Tell the world about you 

Universal Sankofa: We are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing our community with quality products and service. We have been married 11 years, and over the years we have had many hobbies and decided to take some of them and turn them into a business. We currently own and operate an online shop that provides all natural and chemical free hair care and body care products, and apparel for the whole family to celebrate and uplift black culture.  Universal Sankofa is more than a name, it’s a lifestyle.

Stacey graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a bachelors in Biology Pre-Med and has her masters in Adult Education and Online Learning.  She currently teaches 8th grade Science.  Sankofa received his HVAC license from Everest Institute and is currently a sales associate at Whole Foods.  Neither of us have a background in business, so we have joined groups and programs to help us in this business owner world.  We are a part of the Unity is Wealth group founded by Jeremy Darby.  Stacey completed the SURE program at U of H and we both completed the HAUL (Houston Area Urban League) Small Business University at the end of 2019.  


What makes you NCMPRBL:

Universal Sankofa: We both love the #createoverconform culture that NCMPRBL embodies.  The reason we started creating t-shirts is because we were tired of conforming to wearing designs made by companies that don't value us.  We wanted to wear shirts with messages that reflect the love of our culture.  We love what we do, and we do it with passion. 
Favorite song that reminds you of high school: 
Sankofa:  Slippin' by DMX
Stacey: Changes by Tupac Shakur
Last watch you’ve owned: 😉 (it’s ok if it’s not ours, we don’t judge) 
Universal Sankofa: Sankofa owns the Sphinx watch by NCMPRBL and Stacey owns the Amber Chakra bracelet by NCMPRBL.
Sidenote: What's Your Favorite Quote?
Each One Teach One 
~African American Proverb

 You made it this far, visit and vibe!


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